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Getting AS9100 Certified in Eagle Pass, Texas (TX)

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Prior to the recognition of specific quality standards, several aerospace companies were using ISO 9000 as the primary method of quality documentation. The perfect examples were the automotive Q standard and Boeing’s D1-9000. From here, the well-established American aerospace companies put their efforts together in creating a single and unified standard that is called the Aerospace Basic Quality System Standard or AS9000. After the release of AS9000, the main aerospace manufacturers such as Boeing stopped applying the past quality documentation processes and turned to the AS9000 standard.

AS9100-Certified eagle pass tx

The AS group, in the year 2000, worked side by side with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The results of the AS9000 rewrite were presented to the aerospace industry as the AS9100 alongside the new version of ISO 9000. In the meantime, there was a release of the AS9100 in Jan 2009. IQC The ISO Pros helps aerospace manufacturers with the training and implementation of the AS9100 requirements.

An efficient QMS (Quality Management Standard) is crucial in Guaranteeing that the aerospace entity will meet the needs of various stakeholders including their customers. To put it simply, we can express the QMS in terms of the organizational structure, processes, procedures, decision-making approaches, and resources that the company needs to implement high-quality management.

Having AS9100 is considered to be a necessity for all aerospace organizations. This is done through the as9100 register to allow them to prove to the probable and current customers that they are implementing their QMS effectively. The certification focuses on the requirements that aerospace companies that would like to meet the standard should meet and encompasses continual improvement on their quality management system.

It looks at the eight principles of quality management like supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial, factual approach to making decisions, continual improvement, system approach to management, the involvement of people, leadership, and customer focus. Also, AS9100 has additional requirements that concern aerospace regulatory compliance. These include production equipment machine program control, product documentation, review and approval of subcontractor performance, testing and validation processes, design verification, and configuration management.

There is a broad range of AS9100 standards that are applicable to various sections of the aerospace industry. The AS 9101 stands for Quality System Assessment & matches the checklist AS9100 rev B. In the meantime, we also have the AS 9102 that stands for Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirements & AS 9104 that is the standard for the overall control of the aerospace schemes.

Having the AS9100 certification will motivate your employees significantly as it allows them to identify their key responsibilities and roles. In addition to this, you can make cost savings through the improved productivity and efficiency of your employees. Clients will then realize that orders are met on time and consistently. Thus, the outstanding services may open up new opportunities in the aerospace company.

There is a long list of ISO certification and accreditation programs that you can choose from. Most of them are relevant to the line of business of your firm. AS9100 certification, for instance, is highly valued but it is only meant for firms that are engaged in aviation, defense, and space products. If your company is involved in the design, development, and production of these parts and products, AS9100 certification will benefit you to a great extent. IQC The ISO Pros are here to make sure that you comply to the end.

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